"During this unprecedented time of crisis, instead of becoming victims, it is imperative that we are still innovative producers at home."

- Christian John C. Sales
WorkFromHomeAlpha Founder

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About the Founder
Christian is also the founder MoneyWiseAlpha.com and the main host for the video blogs on the YouTube Channel. He is the author of the Amazon Book and Udemy Course entitled "Bitcoin Money". As a former Senior Product Manager and Investment manager for a venture capital firm, Christian eventually got tired of being a corporate slave and decided to pursue his passions as an entrepreneur instead. Academically, Christian holds a dual MBA with a BS in Computer Science too.

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Christian John C. Sales
About my Business Partners
Nine-time bestselling book authors, Shawn Casey and Brian Koz are two of the foremost Internet Marketers in the world. In addition to generating record-breaking levels of revenue through their own online efforts, they have helped countless others find their way toward online success. Over the last few years, the groundbreaking suite of internet marketing tools they have provided through WebFire has helped tens of thousands to win at the internet marketing game. 

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